The Alberta Caribou Committee thanks the following members for their continuing support of the ACC Programs:

Alberta Conservation AssociationAlberta Department of EnergyAlberta Department of Sustainable Resource Development
Alberta-Pacific Forest IndustriesB P Canada EnergyBurlington Resources
CAPPConocoPhillips CanadaDaishowa Marubeni International Ltd.
DevonGolder AssociatesKaiser Energy
Koch Petroleum CanadaManning Diversified Forest ProductsMEG Energy Corporation
McCam Insurance – WhitbyMillar Western Forest ProductsPetro-Canada
Shell CanadaTalisman Energy CanadaTolko Industries
 TransCanada Pipelines Trufla Technology 

Membership in the Alberta Caribou Committee

The Alberta Caribou Committee is a proactive organization supported by members from the oil and gas industry, the forestry industry, government, and non-governmental organizations. The ACC strives to ensure caribou and their habitats are conserved while responsible resource development opportunities are maintained. We have a 10-year track record of successfully working with industry and government in a collaborative process that continues to develop guidelines, management practices, and applied research that supports stakeholders.

ACC member committees work together and share the responsibility for:

  • Maintaining a caribou population monitoring program in northern Alberta
  • Directing a focused research program
  • Developing operational guidelines and best practices for industry
  • Building detailed range plans to help co-ordinate industry activities
  • Maintaining a communication program to provide information and support to members

We invite you to join the Alberta Caribou Committee (ACC), and become better informed of the developing conservation strategies, research activities, and methods for reducing industrial footprint while operating in caribou range.

Why should my company join the Alberta Caribou Committee?

Your company or organization can be part of the exciting process to integrate responsible resource development with caribou conservation. By joining the ACC, you can be an active participant decision-making process that ensures conservation efforts will meet the needs of industry and provide long-term benefits to all stakeholders.Highlights from the benefits of membership:

  • Your seat ‘at the table’ is reserved. Members participate in the Annual General Meetings, work on sub-committees and contribute to the decision making process. You can be an active participant in helping to develop conservation strategies.
  • Your company is kept up to date. The ACC programs provided information to assist companies in addressing the principles outlined in Alberta Department of Energy’s Information Letter 91-17. We also offer a communication program that provides education and up to date information on recent news and developments that affect you.
  • Your company can support nationally renowned research programs at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary. This research ensures that our decisions and plans are based on the best science available. Additionally, your contributions to research are often leveraged through Federal research funding programs.
  • Sharing the cost of the ACC programs through a consortium provides a good return on investment to members (over 20 companies agencies provide donations and grants to the ACC annually).
  • Participation in the ACC demonstrates that your company is committed to operating in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Woodland caribou are considered a “threatened species” both federally and provincially. The work of the ACC helps to conserve caribou and prevent population declines that could result in caribou becoming legally “endangered.” A designation of “endangered” for caribou may result in development limitations for industrial operators. By acting now, your contributions help to ensure both healthy caribou populations and industries in the future.
  • All donations submitted to the Alberta Caribou Committee under the Alberta Conservation Association agreement are eligible for a tax benefit as a “contribution to a charitable organization”.